Our Board and Team

Meet the passionate folks at CIOC Humanitarian Initiative, Co. Ltd.



Founder & Director

Abaasi has a high level of accountability

and integrity which makes him a true brother to transparency, He has practical experiences of managing charities and non profits organizations since he was 16 years.Crime watch and fighting against impunity became his culture.
Abaasi strives to bring the best for  himself and for others, he has a number of accolades for humanity and justice which motivated him to start a charity as a 
response to the desperate living conditions and the will of the community to obtain critical needs.

Email: abaasiw@gmail.com

Email: info@ciochumanitarianinitiative.org



Development Adviser

Donna is one of the most empathetic individuals you will ever come across.  As you get to immerse yourself into the layered lady of the people, you will appreciate her abundance in wisdom and her love for serving mankind unconditionally.

Donna is very dedicated to helping the needy regardless of race, country, sex/gender or age. She is a true symbol of humanity. She spreads love, kindness, justice and wisdom.

Email: info@ciochumanitarianinitiative.org

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Roy has been a truly valuable member of the CIOC Team.  As Secretary, she initiates, organizes, and promotes new programs for our staff.

She performs all office duties effectively.  Her transparency and integrity makes her a very trusted team member of CIOC Humanitarian Initiative.

Email: info@humanitarianinitiative.org



Coordination officer

With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Grace is committed to changing the world and to make it better for our less fortunate community members and making all driven goals of CIOC  known and covered. 

Email: info@ciochumanitarianinitiative.org

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Advisory Associate 

Hannan is very passionate about People, Property and Prosperity. Enthusiastically dedicated to charity and outreach programmes in Africa.  She stretches a helping hand to everyone in need. Working in Real Estate in the UK, Hannan strives to make an income while positively impacting others. Hannan has also successfully fundraised for our water projects and feeding the needy campaigns.

Email: info@ciochumanitarianinitiative.org